Denneroll Spinal Orthotics provide an effective stretch to your muscles and your spine. Each model is designed to individually target Cervical, Thoracic or Lumbar Spine. Denneroll can aide in treatment of complex spinal conditions such as headaches, neck pain, low back pain, numbness, tingling and Scoliosis. Whether it’s caused by a car accident, a fall or simply poor posture, lordosis can adversely affect nerve, ligament and muscle function. Loss of your healthy spinal curves is one of the earliest contributors to poor function and irreversible spinal damage. The Denneroll products create a stretch which can improve movement, relieve muscle tension, and assist in the correction of poor spinal curves.

Designed by Chiropractors and proven by case studies and clinical trial, Denneroll devices allow you to continue your treatment at home, hastening your recovery time while improving flexibility and function. Dr. Lee incorporates the use of Denneroll into most treatment plans. Denneroll products are also available for purchase at Seattle Northeast Chiropractic. Dr. Lee can train you for at home set up on your own!

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